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The Economist discovers life not fair

The leading magazine of the global politico-economic elite – The Economist – has an article on the recent controversy over bankers’ pay warning of “The death of meritocracy”. I guess it’s noteworthy for this normally laissez-faire capitalist publication to recognize inequality … Continue reading

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UK’s electoral reform, explained by progressive leaders

While not as entertaining as when explained to cats, the Guardian nonetheless has perhaps the most “authoritative” defense of the alternative vote system. It is signed by Labour shadow business secretary John Denham, Lib Dem energy and climate change secretary Chris … Continue reading

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British Europhobes and Van Rompuy’s Speech: What the Man Said vs. What the Trolls Pretended to Hear

Trolls are a fact of life in our media and politics as much as on the internet. The best way for a small-time politician or starving pundit to get attention upon himself, and so “succeed” professionally, is to say something outrageous, regardless of facts … Continue reading

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“Any chance we could station the aircraft carrier in the South Atlantic for three months?”

Regarding the much-celebrated recent Anglo-French defense agreement, the Courrier international re-publishes a little English-French guide to atomic cooperation prepared by The Guardian. The Charles de Gaulle now forms part of the British defense plan for las Malvinas. So long as … Continue reading

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