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That’s Odd Syndication: Buzek, Roma and the Indigènes

The self-consciously radical French group the Indigènes de la République (“Natives of the Republic”) have copied to their website an article by Jerzy Buzek on the World War II-era genocide of the Roma. It isn’t every day that the President of … Continue reading


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Medvedev Defends, Europeans Assault “Multiculturalism”

On the one hand, I know the debate and the burial of “multiculturalism” is a false one, largely manufactured by the European center-right to supposedly prevent gains by the far-right and tax the center-left of dangerous naïveté and self-hatred. On the … Continue reading

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Cohn-Bendit on Turkey

I can’t resist showing this video from Euronews (therefore available in 8 languages) opening with the European Parliament’s Green leader Daniel-Cohn Bendit attempting to engage Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan. The one eager and seemingly trying to impress, the other, massive and unfazed. Most … Continue reading

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The Far-Right “Lite”

Analysis over at EUObserver of the emergence of the semi-respectable anti-Muslim/anti-EU far-right. It covers in particular a “summit” last Saturday (23 Oct) with Austria’s Freedom Party, Belgium’s Vlaams Belang, the Denmark’s People’s Party, Italy’s Northern League, the Slovak National Party and … Continue reading

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John Four-Seas: the European Union is Promoting the Islamic Veil!

Say it isn’t so! The European Commission is promoting a practice of the Islamic religion? From what does Jean Quatremer draw this shocking revelation? European Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva is on visit in Pakistan to see the damage of the flooding … Continue reading

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So When Will the Turks Destroy Germany?

Find out in my first article on long-term trends over at Future Challenges.

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Intolerance in Holland

The US has the birthers, the Fourteenth Amendment repealers and the “Ground Zero Mosquers”. France has the Front National and a government that wants to be able to strip foreign-origin French nationals of their citizenship. In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders has finally managed to form … Continue reading

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Turkey to Europe: Choose Already

Egemen Bağış, Turkey’s chief negotiator with the EU, has recently floated the idea of referenda in EU members on whether or not his country should join. I am not sure exactly what he thinks he can accomplish with this. It is … Continue reading

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