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Right-wing U.S. Pundit Distorts My News Article to Fit Own Ideology

OK, that isn’t exactly newsworthy is it? However, in this case, it is some of my news which is concerned so I think it worth a response. Meet Daniel Mitchell, whom Wikipedia describes as a libertarian economist (…), senior fellow … Continue reading

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In Defense of Decadent Europe: Is it “the best place on Earth to be born”?

“The European Union is great. It is the best place on Earth to be born and to live your life.” – Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk, 1 July 2011 For those of us involved in European affairs, it has … Continue reading

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Bob Woodward on le Grand Journal

For francophones I highly recommend this video (part 2) with Bob Woodward on France’s most popular political/info-tainment show, Le Grand Journal (sort of a longer version of the Daily Show, with more conversation). It’s probably the only French show that … Continue reading

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Those Who Would Choose Security Over Disneyland Paris, Deserve Neither

It’s all still rather sketchy, but US and British authorities have warned of the “imminent” terror threat of a Mumbai-style attack on Europe in multiple places, possibly on the UK, Germany, France and Sweden. This information was apparently based on … Continue reading

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