About Me

I am a Brussels-based European politics blogger and a journalist for the multinational EU policy news site EurActiv, covering a wide range areas.

I was born and raised in France but brought up by Anglo-American parents. I studied history and politics at Liverpool and the London School of Economics and have worked in both the US Congress and the European Parliament.

I am currently involved in numerous online news and social media projects in addition to this blog. I am a writer and the Western Europe editor for Future Challenges, a site analyzing long-term trends (demographics, energy, climate change..) affiliated with the Bertelsmann Stiftung. I am also an editor for the EU blogging aggregator bloggingportal.eu (I highly recommend its daily “editor’s choice” feed).

My interests include reading, writing, history, politics, old and new media, European affairs, transatlantic relations, North-South relations, US and French politics, social democracy, race relations, migration and minority rights, beer, traveling, dogs and dinosaurs.

I speak English, French, Spanish and Italian (in that order) and love to meet people in person and across the net. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to discuss your projects, potential collaboration on blogs (guest posts, retakes..), writing for your publication or want advice on EU affairs, social media or indeed on life in Brussels and Europe!


2 Responses to About Me

  1. Hi Craig,
    Interesting blog 😉 I am a Spanish Brussels-based journalist and currently covering “brain drain” from countries in Southern Europe. I have seen the projects you rule in “Future Challenges” and I think it may be interesting to have a talk about it.

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