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France’s “War on Terror”

As is well-known, if the United States of America has something, then France must have it to. So it goes with Revolutions and Republics, atom bombs and aircraft carriers, not to mention flying presidential palaces. So it is, too, with … Continue reading

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Good Old Fashioned Anarcho-Terrorism

The recent posting of explosive parcels to EU institutions as well Nicolas Sarkozy and Angola Merkel by a Greek left-wing terrorist group has a distinctly retro feel. It’s somewhat reminiscent of the Red terrorism of the 1970s in West Germany and … Continue reading


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Those Who Would Choose Security Over Disneyland Paris, Deserve Neither

It’s all still rather sketchy, but US and British authorities have warned of the “imminent” terror threat of a Mumbai-style attack on Europe in multiple places, possibly on the UK, Germany, France and Sweden. This information was apparently based on … Continue reading

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