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Eurozone, the Unravelling (III): The Fake Jobs & Growth Plan

I’ve been reading Molly Ivins so I almost put “like heartless, dumb bastards” but that wasn’t quite in keeping with the style of the publication: Was it the fact that both the IMF and the World Bank warned that the … Continue reading

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Eurozone, the Unraveling (II): EU/euro support collapses across entire continent

One of the great underreported stories of the eurozone crisis has been the incredible damage it has done to the reputation of Europe, the EU and indeed the European ideal itself. This has occurred independent of the country in question’s … Continue reading

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Eurocalypse 101: Three articles for understanding where we’re at

The eurozone crisis appears to be heading towards some kind of climax. Haven’t we heard this before? Like ahead of every eurosummit of past two years? While a truly “decisive” solution appears impossible almost by definition given the nature of … Continue reading

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