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Europe as a “big Switzerland”

It’s been a little unreal following the developments in Libya and the very ad hoc Western response to it. The whole thing is a bit of a ramshackle affair: an ever-evolving mission cobbled together by a slightly erratic French president and poor … Continue reading

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Quatremer on the EU and the Arab Revolutions

A nice little rundown by Jean Quatremer on the EU’s foreign policy inaction under Catherine Ashton in the face of the events across the Arab world. In English and V.O. Relations with the south Mediterranean countries, despite the monumental changes, … Continue reading

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John Four-Seas: the European Union is Promoting the Islamic Veil!

Say it isn’t so! The European Commission is promoting a practice of the Islamic religion? From what does Jean Quatremer draw this shocking revelation? European Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva is on visit in Pakistan to see the damage of the flooding … Continue reading

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John Four-Sea’s Anglophobia

I am sorry to belabor this point, but mingled hypocrisy and willful stupidity of others always drive me to write. Uninterested people can move on. Jean Quatremer wrote another inanely parochial post with a decidedly “ethnic conception of language”. To summarize … Continue reading

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John Four-Sea’s “Francophone Rage”

Language policy is an important part of almost all European issues. Which languages should be used? What is practical? Is the hegemony of English inevitable? How can Members of the European Parliament be allowed to work effectively and still express … Continue reading

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