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Daniel Hannan hails Europe’s non-existent swing to the right

Tory MEP and prominent EU blogger Daniel Hannan sends his congratulations to Portugal on electing a centre-right government saying “Where the people of Greece appear to be in denial, rioting whenever spending cuts are suggested, our oldest allies accept that they cannot … Continue reading

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Barnier: “There can only be one” (EU president)

Michel Barnier, French Commissioner for the Internal Market and Services, suggested in a speech given on “Europe Day” (9 May of course..) that the offices of President of the European Council and President of the European Commission should be merged. … Continue reading

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UK’s electoral reform, explained by progressive leaders

While not as entertaining as when explained to cats, the Guardian nonetheless has perhaps the most “authoritative” defense of the alternative vote system. It is signed by Labour shadow business secretary John Denham, Lib Dem energy and climate change secretary Chris … Continue reading

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UK’s electoral reform, explained to cats

Very amusing and informative guide to the possible electoral reform in UK. Only in the age of the internet!

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On the Democratic Deficit: European Commission tells Greenpeace to Sod Off, Socialists to pick candidate for 2014

The folks at Greenpeace can never be accused of a lack of voluntarism. The Lisbon Treaty, in one of its mostly weak attempts to improve democratic legitimacy, created provisions for a citizens’ petition: if 1 million signatures from around Europe … Continue reading

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