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EU’s new wish-fulfilment video: Commission’s endless paperwork creates scifi Utopia

We all remember the adventures of Euro-Clooney and other assorted metrosexual Europeans in the “Innovation Union”. The good people at DG Communication have decided to top that with this video which I am almost at a loss to qualify. I … Continue reading

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Expensive advertising

While the US has largely dominated the Libyan intervention in terms of cruise missiles, the number of aircraft sorties, while an absolute majority, is not overwhelming. This compares favorably with previous wars – Kuwait, the Balkans – where all but … Continue reading


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Europe as a “big Switzerland”

It’s been a little unreal following the developments in Libya and the very ad hoc Western response to it. The whole thing is a bit of a ramshackle affair: an ever-evolving mission cobbled together by a slightly erratic French president and poor … Continue reading

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So I’m a Journalist

I have to apologize to the readers of this blog for being silent for a month. Partly it has to do with the incredible stream of events we’ve had regarding the Arab World and the eurozone crisis. The potential topics … Continue reading

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