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The WSJ on Eurocratese

John Miller over at Real Time Brussels has a funny little post on the popularity of Latin and old-fashioned English phrases in the Eurocrat’s vocabulary. Inter alia is apparently extremely popular in official documents but my favorite has to be … Continue reading

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Croatian to be 24th Official EU Language

EUobserver reports that Croatian will be accepted as a complete language in-and-of-itself, completely separate from Serbian. These two languages have different scripts but Serbo-Croatian is effectively one spoken language. Given that the entire Western Balkans are expected to eventually join … Continue reading

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Towards a European lingua franca (English)

In European politics, multilingualism has been intractable problem. The needs of translation and interpretation in 22 languages are costly (the main reason the European Parliament is more expensive than national ones). The debates and speeches suffer, becoming stilted and bland. … Continue reading

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John Four-Sea’s Anglophobia

I am sorry to belabor this point, but mingled hypocrisy and willful stupidity of others always drive me to write. Uninterested people can move on. Jean Quatremer wrote another inanely parochial post with a decidedly “ethnic conception of language”. To summarize … Continue reading

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