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EurActiv’s Redesign: Can EU news be sexy?

That is the question posed by the recently-launched redesigned website of EurActiv, my current very dear employers as you can surmise from the “published work” section. I invite my readers, especially non-Brussels bubble inhabitants, to comment on attractiveness, ease of use, … Continue reading

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Greece: Europe’s Canary in the Coal Mine?

“Crooks in the Euro-family,” said Focus, “Our debt, you may take it,” replied My Country. Greece’s image has been suffering as of late. Just in the past ten days, Reporters without Borders ranked Greece the EU country with the least press … Continue reading

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EU media prize winner NoseMonkey: “Winning post took me an 1h 30 min”

Very ironic, funny post by Nosemonkey on his winning the European Parliament’s prize for internet journalism. The 5000 euro prize-winning post praised for its “extraordinary research work” was on the percentage of all legislation coming from the EU.

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“To come to Brussels is to make a vow of media chastity”

Former French Minister of the Budget and of European affairs Alain Lamassoure has an interview on Euractiv.fr which has a lot of insights into European political life and indeed the lives of politicians in general. I would nuance the notion … Continue reading

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