EurActiv’s Redesign: Can EU news be sexy?

Well hello there!

That is the question posed by the recently-launched redesigned website of EurActiv, my current very dear employers as you can surmise from the “published work” section. I invite my readers, especially non-Brussels bubble inhabitants, to comment on attractiveness, ease of use, navigability and so on!

The EU media market is a a strange beast and each major specialized EU-media has its particularities and drawbacks. EurActiv, in the sleepy world of EU media, is by far the most international, largest and most comprehensive. It achieves this distinction thanks to greater revenue than the others through a mix of advertising and sponsorships from the private and public sectors.

EurActiv faces the same problems as all EU affairs publications: the topic is often boring, technical or only of interest to EU affairs professionals, the “Brussels bubble” market is too small (maybe 50,000 people) and the actual European market is fragmented into the various national cultures and languages.

EurActiv partly addresses the latter problem, originally and I think very effectively, by having a large network of autonomous national news sites. EurActiv France is almost always readable and potentially interesting for the literate layman in a way which a article typically is not.

The old EurActiv, I don’t know if it is archived somewhere, was easy to navigate and clear, but rather static and unattractive. The new one has toned down the yellow, has a dynamic main page, drop-down menus and the “EU news map” – a very interesting experiment -prominently and attractively displayed.

Perhaps the structural constraints are insurmountable, but I think the new site does as a good a job as can be done of making EU news as accessible and interesting as possible to a general audience. But only our readers can confirm that!

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2 Responses to EurActiv’s Redesign: Can EU news be sexy?

  1. jolyonwagg1 says:

    Most EU based websites are so dull ZZzzz no wonder they are slowing dying. website along with many other EU Brussels based websites have content to carry on digging there own graves. OK so alot of stuff coming out of Brussels is technical and heavy going, but here is a crazy thought, why not make the content much more media digestible. Most viewers will likely spend a nano second on a EU website, WHY? Mmm terrible design, complex functionality, lousy menu’s,need I go on, and the EU wonders why its citizens are so discontented about EU matters?

  2. I see several problems with the redesign: the key stories’ titles are cut off (!). The font-sizes of many texts on the homepage are to small. When you are at an article, the headline spans stranegly over the left and middle column.

    My simple answer: hire the EurActiv France designers and let them redo the .com homepage. Their design is much better than the one of the main page.

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