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We’ve moved!

This is a “last call” for anyone who would have missed the fact that I’ve moved my writing to the sleek, new bilingual English/French blog at (en français ici). This old blog still passively gets 20-50 clicks a day … Continue reading

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German official ‘simply doesn’t understand’ rest of world

Gideon Rachman of the FT has great run-down of his recent conversations with German officials and diplomats. There is considerable impatience with the Davos-led, Lagarde-Cameron-Geithner line that Germany has to throw more money at the problem, by building a bigger … Continue reading

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More Anglo-Saxon conspiracy

Eurocrats want you to know the crisis has nothing to do with the flaws inherent in the eurozone system. No, prominent (and normally pro-U.S.) German MEP Elmar Brok  calls it akin to a “currency war” in pursuit of “Anglo-American interests”. Former … Continue reading

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About me page…

…it has been added. I hope some editors see it. And maybe some bloggers who want to collaborate too. Please give advice on anything I might have missed or if it could be improved!

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UK’s electoral reform, explained to cats

Very amusing and informative guide to the possible electoral reform in UK. Only in the age of the internet!

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On Post-Apocalyptic Wastelands: Sightseeing in Chernobyl

The Fukushima disaster has hurt the credibility of nuclear power everywhere, threatening plans for its expansion in Italy and the U.K. among others. However, another consequence has been boosting tourism to Chernobyl. It will be the 25th anniversary of that … Continue reading

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Pan-European party lists and, maybe, elected Commissioners

Liberal British MEP Andrew Duff has proposed legislation for 25 of the European Parliament’s 736 members to be elected on a pan-European list. This in itself would not be revolutionary, but it would be very interesting if, as suggested, it were … Continue reading

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Erdoğan accuses French MP of being French

When asked by French MP Muriel Marland-Militello about freedom of religion in Turkey, the Turkish Prime Minister responded that “I believe this friend is French? She is also ‘French’ to Turkey.” Being “French” about something is a colloquial Turkish expression … Continue reading

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Ashley Fox on Strasbourg: Nothing damaged except “French pride”

EUobserver did this interview with Tory MEP Ashley Fox, architect of a recent overwhelming vote by MEPs – including majorities within all political groups – to reduce Strasbourg sessions. Sums up the issue well, although Fox might have also noted the … Continue reading

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Bob Woodward on le Grand Journal

For francophones I highly recommend this video (part 2) with Bob Woodward on France’s most popular political/info-tainment show, Le Grand Journal (sort of a longer version of the Daily Show, with more conversation). It’s probably the only French show that … Continue reading

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