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Quatremer on the EU and the Arab Revolutions

A nice little rundown by Jean Quatremer on the EU’s foreign policy inaction under Catherine Ashton in the face of the events across the Arab world. In English and V.O. Relations with the south Mediterranean countries, despite the monumental changes, … Continue reading


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That’s Odd Syndication: Buzek, Roma and the Indigènes

The self-consciously radical French group the Indigènes de la République (“Natives of the Republic”) have copied to their website an article by Jerzy Buzek on the World War II-era genocide of the Roma. It isn’t every day that the President of … Continue reading

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Medvedev Defends, Europeans Assault “Multiculturalism”

On the one hand, I know the debate and the burial of “multiculturalism” is a false one, largely manufactured by the European center-right to supposedly prevent gains by the far-right and tax the center-left of dangerous naïveté and self-hatred. On the … Continue reading

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In the Kafkaesque Department (Strasbourg)

Every Monday of a plenary week in Brussels, each MEP’s office fills a big malle with essential workstuffs: documents, folders, books, the office’s one working stapler, whatever. It is then locked and left outside the office so that, the next … Continue reading

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Renewables and the Recession

The growth of renewables slowed in the North and CO2 emissions dropped, but China (and the rest of Asia) managed to compensate for both. Read more over at Future Challenges.

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“Like watching the EU Commission’s Midday Briefing with all the verbs missing”

Generally speaking, the EU’s aesthetics comes in two varieties: 1) soulless technocracy (when it tries to be mature and legitimate, think shiny window panes and lots of grey) 2) postmodern kitsch (when it tries to be young and hip). The … Continue reading

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