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Medvedev Defends, Europeans Assault “Multiculturalism”

On the one hand, I know the debate and the burial of “multiculturalism” is a false one, largely manufactured by the European center-right to supposedly prevent gains by the far-right and tax the center-left of dangerous naïveté and self-hatred. On the … Continue reading

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Discrimination in Flanders

A committee of the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations (a high civil servant’s office, to be distinguished from the UN Human Rights Council, which is in large part composed of Third World dictatorships) has issued a … Continue reading

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Segregation in Bosnia

Nouvelle Europe has a long, disheartening article (French) on the segregation of Bosnian Croat (mostly Catholic) and Bosniak (Muslim) students in schools. The system of “two schools under the same roof” has been official policy in Bosnia since 2000, although … Continue reading

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Belgium Allegedly Not Boring

Very funny video on Belgium and its political structure.

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