Letters from Europe is a blog on European politics. It hopes to be an entertaining, informed and informative guide to the often inscrutable goings-on of “Brussels” and the wider affairs of the continent. It is aimed at people actively involved in European affairs, curious and literate Anglo-Saxons, and anyone more generally in continental Europe who is both interested in the EU and has some degree of mastery of the English language.

This blog is based on the fact that European politics is actually, unbeknowst to most, really quite interesting and often outright ridiculous (see: the Lighter Side). It can also be difficult to follow, given the fragmented nature of European media and incomplete coverage of EU affairs. My periodic press reviews aim to highlight the most interesting and noteworthy developments and stories from the continent’s media and the European blogosphere.

I deal with the endless, mostly quiet struggle between the institutions and the Member States, the activities of European politicians and the Union’s strange emergence as a global demi-power. National politics, which ultimately cannot be separated from European politics, are also covered when time and my expertise permits.

Other subjects, not necessarily directly relevant to EU politics are also discussed such as history, social democracy, postmodern capitalism, racism, immigration and so on. It is impossible to understand European politics without some awareness of the broader issues affecting society and the world.

In the name of full disclosure, I am required to say that I am incorrigibly French, except when I am not. As a consequence, I will often draw from excellent French-language sources such as Le Courrier international and nonfiction.fr. This will also contribute to the rayonnement of French thought and culture which I am sure we can all agree is most wholesome.


2 Responses to About

  1. Dear Letters,
    for the fifth year our EU information and education center is writing and publishing bulleting for the European Commission representation office in Slovenia. It is called EUekspres and you can find it on http://www.euekspres.eu. Unfortunately it is only in Slovene language. On Wednesday we are staring new year with a new web site and new topics. One of them are EU related blogs. We have two house blogers from Slovenia and we would also very much like to publish blogs with EU related topics from other EU countries.
    We found this one to be very interesting (https://euroletters.wordpress.com/2011/04/30/does-%E2%80%9Ceuropean-journalism%E2%80%9D-exist-guest-post/) and I would like to kindly ask you if there is a possibility to translate it and publish it on the EUekspres web site, of course with the full name and picture of the author and link to his/hers web page (blog).
    Since Wednesday is just a few days away, I would very much appreciate if you can give me the answer as soon as possible.
    Best regards,
    Matjaž Štefančič
    Center Evropa
    00386 1 43 82 270

  2. Hello,

    I’m a post-graduate journalism student writing an ethics essay on whether the British media- largely either hostile or apathetic to the EU- is reflecting the majority public opinion, or has created this mood through its coverage. You mention in your blog that European politics can be difficult to follow given that mainstream media coverage is typically insufficient, inaccurate and fragmentary and the very fact that you have set up a blog to mediate European issues is interesting. I was wondering if you would possibly respond to some questions I have so that I can use you as an example in my essay? Is there an email address I can contact you on?

    Many thanks

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