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Bin Laden Is Dead: Some Thoughts on the End of an Era

This is the first rather US-centric post on this blog. I decided to publish it as it came out, very naturally one evening, on the news of Osama bin Laden’s death. I was going to write something on the European … Continue reading

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“Homeopathic Economics”: Thoughts on the new E.U./U.S. economic figures and the Eurozone crisis

There’s been so much economic news recently it’s been hard to keep track of what going on, particularly because of the intense focus of catastrophic cases like Ireland and Greece. In order to help order my own thoughts, in this post … Continue reading

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Europeans to pay $14-non-VISA to enter U.S.A.

Actually, as any non-citizen going to the United States of America knows, getting into the country can be something of a pain even if your documents are in order. The difficulties increase exponentially with your “ostensible propensity” for drugs or … Continue reading

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