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The Far-Right “Lite”

Analysis over at EUObserver of the emergence of the semi-respectable anti-Muslim/anti-EU far-right. It covers in particular a “summit” last Saturday (23 Oct) with Austria’s Freedom Party, Belgium’s Vlaams Belang, the Denmark’s People’s Party, Italy’s Northern League, the Slovak National Party and … Continue reading

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The Communist’s Guide to Euroscepticism

Invective-laden commentator and British Lenin-enthusiast Richard Seymour has a little history of the Tories’ love(ish)-hate relationship with “Europe”. He goes through the Conservative Party’s shifting positions on the subject – they were once Europeanist while the Labour was Eurosceptic – … Continue reading

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From our Dog-Bites-Man Desk

The ever-up-to-date Euractiv reports that Brussels would like to increase the European Union’s budget. Great Britain, in contrast, would like to decrease it.

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