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About me page…

…it has been added. I hope some editors see it. And maybe some bloggers who want to collaborate too. Please give advice on anything I might have missed or if it could be improved!

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EurActiv’s Redesign: Can EU news be sexy?

That is the question posed by the recently-launched redesigned website of EurActiv, my current very dear employers as you can surmise from the “published work” section. I invite my readers, especially non-Brussels bubble inhabitants, to comment on attractiveness, ease of use, … Continue reading

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“Hidden Disaster”: The EU’s actually pretty good comic on its humanitarian work

I hate the European Union’s PR efforts. Over-generalizing very slightly, they could be characterized as “universally shit”. The Commission in particular is guilty of funding high-budget bizarre and even incomprehensible videos, whether it be the two-part “Adventures of Euro-Clooney and the Innovation … Continue reading

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Poland’s new look

Donald Tusk, the prime minister of Poland, is an avowed europhile and as such is taking very seriously his country’s upcoming six-month presidency of the European Council. This contrasts with the country’s previous leadership and, for that matter, every other … Continue reading

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Barnier: “There can only be one” (EU president)

Michel Barnier, French Commissioner for the Internal Market and Services, suggested in a speech given on “Europe Day” (9 May of course..) that the offices of President of the European Council and President of the European Commission should be merged. … Continue reading

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Bin Laden Is Dead: Some Thoughts on the End of an Era

This is the first rather US-centric post on this blog. I decided to publish it as it came out, very naturally one evening, on the news of Osama bin Laden’s death. I was going to write something on the European … Continue reading

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UK’s electoral reform, explained by progressive leaders

While not as entertaining as when explained to cats, the Guardian nonetheless has perhaps the most “authoritative” defense of the alternative vote system. It is signed by Labour shadow business secretary John Denham, Lib Dem energy and climate change secretary Chris … Continue reading

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