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Portfolio getting fatter and other changes

As you can see there’s been some changes to the site. This is partly in celebration of getting onto the Guardian Online’s “Best of Europe’s blogs”. Sadly no longer visible. It did however give a solid bump to my traffic … Continue reading

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Moldova: “Must… destroy… capitalism…”

The Moldovan Communists, from that little post-Soviet Republic squeezed between Romania and Ukraine, recently won a solid plurality (40%) of the seats in their last parliamentary elections. It’s not clear what’s really Communist about them, but the EU (embodied in … Continue reading

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On the Democratic Deficit: European Commission tells Greenpeace to Sod Off, Socialists to pick candidate for 2014

The folks at Greenpeace can never be accused of a lack of voluntarism. The Lisbon Treaty, in one of its mostly weak attempts to improve democratic legitimacy, created provisions for a citizens’ petition: if 1 million signatures from around Europe … Continue reading

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Croatian to be 24th Official EU Language

EUobserver reports that Croatian will be accepted as a complete language in-and-of-itself, completely separate from Serbian. These two languages have different scripts but Serbo-Croatian is effectively one spoken language. Given that the entire Western Balkans are expected to eventually join … Continue reading

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One Month of Blogging

So we’ve reached one month of Letters from Europe. So what have I learned? First, I have found that “Europe” is pretty complex. It’s politics is scattered across different nations, institutions and levels of government making it extremely difficult to grasp in its … Continue reading

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EU Parliament’s Sakharov Prize to Fariñas

The European Parliament recently gave its Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, named after the late Soviet dissident, to Cuban psychologist and journalist Guillermo Fariñas. This Gandhi-like emaciated figure has become famous for using repeated, almost fatal hunger strikes in protest … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Letters

Welcome to this attempt to follow and make sense of European politics. Despite the quality of other EU blogs, they are generally either not regular or not focused enough, leaving a niche that is just dying to be filled. I … Continue reading

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