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Moldova: “Must… destroy… capitalism…”

The Moldovan Communists, from that little post-Soviet Republic squeezed between Romania and Ukraine, recently won a solid plurality (40%) of the seats in their last parliamentary elections. It’s not clear what’s really Communist about them, but the EU (embodied in … Continue reading

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Between “Ostalgie” and Pessimism

Ostalgie –noun German term describing wistful nostalgia for the Communist era; usually accompanied by varying degrees of historical amnesia and disenchantment with the present. When we think of the age of Soviet Communism in Eastern Europe, less than positive images … Continue reading

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The Communist’s Guide to Euroscepticism

Invective-laden commentator and British Lenin-enthusiast Richard Seymour has a little history of the Tories’ love(ish)-hate relationship with “Europe”. He goes through the Conservative Party’s shifting positions on the subject – they were once Europeanist while the Labour was Eurosceptic – … Continue reading

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