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Raymond Aron on Europe, Israel, and dual loyalty

Raymond Aron, it is no secret, is my favorite French intellectual of the twentieth century. He was not a Great Philosopher, nor did he create an all-encompassing system, but I think if one had to read one single author to … Continue reading

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Europe on Autopilot: How Krugman predicted the euro-mess in… 1998

I came across a December 1998 article in Fortune magazine by the indomitable Liberal economist and Nobel prize winner in which he takes a critical look at the monetary union the Europeans were creating. It’s quite amazing how much has not changed … Continue reading

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Right-wing U.S. Pundit Distorts My News Article to Fit Own Ideology

OK, that isn’t exactly newsworthy is it? However, in this case, it is some of my news which is concerned so I think it worth a response. Meet Daniel Mitchell, whom Wikipedia describes as a libertarian economist (…), senior fellow … Continue reading

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Barnier: “There can only be one” (EU president)

Michel Barnier, French Commissioner for the Internal Market and Services, suggested in a speech given on “Europe Day” (9 May of course..) that the offices of President of the European Council and President of the European Commission should be merged. … Continue reading

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Erdoğan accuses French MP of being French

When asked by French MP Muriel Marland-Militello about freedom of religion in Turkey, the Turkish Prime Minister responded that “I believe this friend is French? She is also ‘French’ to Turkey.” Being “French” about something is a colloquial Turkish expression … Continue reading

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Ashley Fox on Strasbourg: Nothing damaged except “French pride”

EUobserver did this interview with Tory MEP Ashley Fox, architect of a recent overwhelming vote by MEPs – including majorities within all political groups – to reduce Strasbourg sessions. Sums up the issue well, although Fox might have also noted the … Continue reading

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Bob Woodward on le Grand Journal

For francophones I highly recommend this video (part 2) with Bob Woodward on France’s most popular political/info-tainment show, Le Grand Journal (sort of a longer version of the Daily Show, with more conversation). It’s probably the only French show that … Continue reading

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Sarkozy’s bare-chested war counsel

Nothing inspires less confidence in the bases of France’s war against Libya than this photo of Bernard-Henri Lévy about to meet President Nicolas Sarkozy. It is in this state that France’s most media-savvy “philosopher” discussed the high politics of war … Continue reading

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Expensive advertising

While the US has largely dominated the Libyan intervention in terms of cruise missiles, the number of aircraft sorties, while an absolute majority, is not overwhelming. This compares favorably with previous wars – Kuwait, the Balkans – where all but … Continue reading

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That’s Odd Syndication: Buzek, Roma and the Indigènes

The self-consciously radical French group the Indigènes de la République (“Natives of the Republic”) have copied to their website an article by Jerzy Buzek on the World War II-era genocide of the Roma. It isn’t every day that the President of … Continue reading

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