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Eurostat: Eurozone debt actually decreasing

…last year. Between June and September 2011, the debt of eurozone governments as a percentage of GDP fell from 87.7% to 87.4%. The recovery’s combination of GDP growth, rising revenue, and falling unemployment meant debt was falling at an annualized … Continue reading

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German official ‘simply doesn’t understand’ rest of world

Gideon Rachman of the FT has great run-down of his recent conversations with German officials and diplomats. There is considerable impatience with the Davos-led, Lagarde-Cameron-Geithner line that Germany has to throw more money at the problem, by building a bigger … Continue reading

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Europe on Autopilot: How Krugman predicted the euro-mess in… 1998

I came across a December 1998 article in Fortune magazine by the indomitable Liberal economist and Nobel prize winner in which he takes a critical look at the monetary union the Europeans were creating. It’s quite amazing how much has not changed … Continue reading

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Eurocalypse 101: Three articles for understanding where we’re at

The eurozone crisis appears to be heading towards some kind of climax. Haven’t we heard this before? Like ahead of every eurosummit of past two years? While a truly “decisive” solution appears impossible almost by definition given the nature of … Continue reading

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Afrika Korps II: Merkel agrees in principle on troops in Libya

Angela Merkel has agreed in principle on the possibility of sending German troops as part of an EU force to Libya to provide humanitarian aid and protection. Our assorted commentators are enjoying this flip-floppery. See Jean Quatremer: In short, if … Continue reading

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Trichet’s troubling interest rate hike

So Jean-Claude Trichet, head of the European Central Bank, has decided to raise the Eurozone’s main interest rate for lending from 1% to 1.25%. The last increase was back in July 2008. Hikes to 1.75% are expected by the end … Continue reading

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Medvedev Defends, Europeans Assault “Multiculturalism”

On the one hand, I know the debate and the burial of “multiculturalism” is a false one, largely manufactured by the European center-right to supposedly prevent gains by the far-right and tax the center-left of dangerous naïveté and self-hatred. On the … Continue reading

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Helmut Schmidt on (Lack of) Leadership

Last June, Helmut Schmidt – the chain-smoking almost 92-year-old former Chancellor of (then West) Germany in the 1970s – reminded everyone he was still alive by chastising European national leaders for choosing “Mr Nobody” and “Mrs Nobody” to implement the … Continue reading

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“Homeopathic Economics”: Thoughts on the new E.U./U.S. economic figures and the Eurozone crisis

There’s been so much economic news recently it’s been hard to keep track of what going on, particularly because of the intense focus of catastrophic cases like Ireland and Greece. In order to help order my own thoughts, in this post … Continue reading

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So When Will the Turks Destroy Germany?

Find out in my first article on long-term trends over at Future Challenges.

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