Bob Woodward on le Grand Journal

For francophones I highly recommend this video (part 2) with Bob Woodward on France’s most popular political/info-tainment show, Le Grand Journal (sort of a longer version of the Daily Show, with more conversation). It’s probably the only French show that can attract top US celebrities. And very funny.

Jean-Michel Aphatie explains in particular (tongue firmly in cheek) to Woodward that France’s political culture is much richer than the US’s because, with 5 times less population, it has twice as many presidential candidates (12), including three Trotskyists, one other Communist and three “Sarah Palins” (Le Pen, de Villiers and the candidate of the “party of hunters and fishermen” [sic]). Woodward, unfazed, responds that none of those characters have anything on American politicians: “You didn’t have Bill Clinton!”

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1 Response to Bob Woodward on le Grand Journal

  1. Westengland says:

    A pity BW couldn’t speak with his hosts in their language…

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