About me page…

…it has been added. I hope some editors see it. And maybe some bloggers who want to collaborate too. Please give advice on anything I might have missed or if it could be improved!

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3 Responses to About me page…

  1. jolyonwagg1 says:

    Sorry but I disagree, yes the voters are dissatisfied with there elected leaders, but to some how dismiss the large swing to the right across Europe as a blip is over played. The European left is in a deep crisis across Europe, there old certainties and state managed ideologies are now all in tatters.

    The EU dream is turning into the EU nightmare for the left, as people have woken up to there hollow failures? The distant detachment of obsessive Brussels controlling people’s lifes as made voters even more distrustful of the lefts European dream. The so called ‘democratic deficit’ is real when it comes to the elected MEPs in the EP.
    The right is on the rise, and the left is diminishing, that is the truth in Europe today.

    • Your comment is not relevant to this page. I wish I could help heal you of your total denial of reality: Merkel in Germany, Sarkozy in France and Berlusconi in Italy have been getting systematically crushed in referenda, local and regional elections. Whatever the future holds, these are simple, existing facts. Daniel Hannan has a very clear political interest in misportraying reality to be more in tune with his political party. I don’t know what your motivation is. If this is purely disinterested, e.g. you are doing it for purely private and personal reasons and not self-interest, then it may be because your selfhood cannot cope with a really existing reality and must distort it to preserve your “self”. This is very dangerous, but there is help.

  2. Wyt says:

    You need to change your picture. The one you have right now makes you look unprofessional.

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