Even Der Spiegel can’t help the raunchy innuendo

At least when comes to covering Silvio Berlusconi’s now-delayed trial on his infamous “bunga bunga” parties with then 17-year old nightclub dancer Ruby Rubacuori. Lest you not got the not-so-subtle jibe at the Italian prime minister’s virility with the article’s headline, “Berlusconi’s Prostitution Scandal Adjourned after Seven Minutes,” it is also helpfully subtitled “Legalis Interruptus”.

I approve.

Berlusconi insists he didn’t have sex with Ruby despite paying her some 7,000 euros. Der Spiegel does its best to keep a straight face when it notes that “Berlusconi’s defense team insists that the parties merely involved dinner, movies, karaoke and Scrabble [emphasis added].”

Must have been some game of Scrabble!

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