Feature Article: The EU’s role in global governance

EurActiv has just published my ‘LinksDossier’ – a sort of long introduction/portal article with lots of links – on the European Union and global governance. What is ‘global governance’, you say? Good question. It is much discussed, much the same way the Loch Ness monster is discussed. Come to think of it ‘EU role’ can be something of a Loch Ness monster.

In any event, ‘global governance’ has something to with countries’ relationships with each other not being total anarchy. Either that or it’s a vast conspiracy to keep political scientists in business now that the Cold War is over.

You can read the LD here (long). On a cool note, the article already appears on the first page of Google searches for anything with ‘global governance’ and ‘EU’ or ‘European Union’.

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One Response to Feature Article: The EU’s role in global governance

  1. ……….Global Governance A Work in Progress…………..Hakan Altinay…..YaleGlobal 26 January 2010……………..Management of transnational issues through voluntary international cooperation has come to be referred as Global Governance. The term sounds like global government but it is really the opposite as it refers to management of the transnational challenges in the absence of a world government.

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