Old World Gets Older

Hope everyone as had some happy holidays. Mine have been quite good but partially plagued by a persistent cold (or is it the flu?).

Meanwhile, I’ve published an article on the non-decadence of ageing Europe in an ageing world over at Future Challenges, complete with some light jibes towards Niall Ferguson.

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1 Response to Old World Gets Older

  1. marknesop says:

    I enjoyed your article; interesting and informative. Have you read P.D. James’ “The Children of Men”? I recommend it, but if you don’t plan to read it, here’s a synopsis.


    Pure fiction, of course, but looking alarmingly real in this context. James’ suggestion here is that the “decadence of the 90’s” caused universal infertility, although I (obviously) lived through the 90’s, and feel somehow cheated for having missed out on the decadence cart as it came round.

    North American economies are futzing about with the idea of extending people’s time in the workforce by moving retirement to the right – ostensibly this is to curtail the practice of “forcing aging workers out at a time when more older people are physically and mentally fit to go on working” – but, as usual, it looks more like putting a populist spin on something forced upon them by necessity.

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