Moldova: “Must… destroy… capitalism…”

The Moldovan Communists, from that little post-Soviet Republic squeezed between Romania and Ukraine, recently won a solid plurality (40%) of the seats in their last parliamentary elections. It’s not clear what’s really Communist about them, but the EU (embodied in the Swedish and Polish foreign ministers) have been over in Chisinau (the capital) to block their formation of a government. Apparently the Communists are “pro-Russian” whereas the other parties are “pro-European”. All the recent Russo-EuropeanRusso-American and even Russo-Polish reconciliation has evidently not been enough to temper some old reflexes.

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5 Responses to Moldova: “Must… destroy… capitalism…”

  1. Scott Swickard says:

    It has been awhile since you have visited my home? What is not clear to you? APPARENTLY they are pro-Russian? Please… If you can manage to live in a city or area that has access to heat supplied by the government in the winter, it still does not mean that you will have heat. That is if they(the government)do not shut it off for political to demand more monies from an ever poorer public. Or because the infrastructure is in such decay, thanks to poor communist design and the rampant communist graft, that failures are a common-place occurrence! For the sake of all Moldovan’s…do not speculate! Tell the truth!

    • Hi Scott. I can tell you’re upset but I have no idea why. I would be very grateful if you were to share what you presumably consider my untruths with other people who would be similarly offended. It’s all about getting the views up.

      All the best!

  2. Scott Swickard says:

    I am upset, not for what you say, for what you say are but vague generalities, it for what you could say, but do not. Why? I do not state that you do not speak untruths, but that you should only speak in the truth and not in but generalities. You are a journalist..yes? A member of the fourth estate, counted upon by we your constituency for truth in all matters that concern us, yes?
    I lost my best friend to such stupidity. They played this foolish “game” also. So, you are not a journalist, but a politician. We already have a hundred-fold too many more politicians than we could ever need. What we the people need are truth-tellers, something politicians have never, nor will ever do. To them it is about, as you say, “getting the views up”.

  3. Five comments here.
    (1) I think Scott might have mental problems.
    (2) You’re right. A Moldovan acquaintance called them “Communists in name only.”
    (3) Furthermore, they’re not even that “pro-Russia”. Their attitudes are very fickle. A Communist led Moldova had really bad relations with Russia around the mid-2000’s. The only party that is really ideologically anti-Russia are Ghimpu’s nationalists; they are “pro-European” in rhetoric but in practice quite a nasty bunch. The others, as I understand it, tend to follow the money wheresoever it leads.
    (4) The geopolitical struggle between Poland/Sweden vs. Russia, ongoing since at least the 16th C, can’t be buried with 2 years of “reset”.
    (5) Interestingly, one of the recent Wikileaks cables claimed that Voronin offered Lupu $10mn in exchange for allowing his Communist party to join the pro-European coalition that won the 2009 elections. Then he refused (according to the cable). But perhaps this time he’ll be swayed?

    • Scott Swickard says:

      Then thankfully…simple sir or madame, it is fortunate for the rest of us, that we do not pay you think. You do not do it very well. You never start off insulting those with whom you intend to engage in thoughtful discussion. It would seem that neither of you possess the courage to to your visages, so that one might see with whom they are enjoined with.

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