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Right-wing U.S. Pundit Distorts My News Article to Fit Own Ideology

OK, that isn’t exactly newsworthy is it? However, in this case, it is some of my news which is concerned so I think it worth a response. Meet Daniel Mitchell, whom Wikipedia describes as a libertarian economist (…), senior fellow … Continue reading

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Daniel Hannan hails Europe’s non-existent swing to the right

Tory MEP and prominent EU blogger Daniel Hannan sends his congratulations to Portugal on electing a centre-right government saying “Where the people of Greece appear to be in denial, rioting whenever spending cuts are suggested, our oldest allies accept that they cannot … Continue reading


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“Hidden Disaster”: The EU’s actually pretty good comic on its humanitarian work

I hate the European Union’s PR efforts. Over-generalizing very slightly, they could be characterized as “universally shit”. The Commission in particular is guilty of funding high-budget bizarre and even incomprehensible videos, whether it be the two-part “Adventures of Euro-Clooney and the Innovation … Continue reading

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Poland’s new look

Donald Tusk, the prime minister of Poland, is an avowed europhile and as such is taking very seriously his country’s upcoming six-month presidency of the European Council. This contrasts with the country’s previous leadership and, for that matter, every other … Continue reading

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Barnier: “There can only be one” (EU president)

Michel Barnier, French Commissioner for the Internal Market and Services, suggested in a speech given on “Europe Day” (9 May of course..) that the offices of President of the European Council and President of the European Commission should be merged. … Continue reading

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Eurozone chair: “I’m for secret, dark debates”

Jean-Claude Juncker, the decades-long Prime Minister of Luxembourg and current president of the Eurogroup (the meetings of the Eurozone’s finance ministers) has decided to set aside the langue de bois. EUobserver reports him complaining that open debate on monetary policy tended … Continue reading

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Afrika Korps II: Merkel agrees in principle on troops in Libya

Angela Merkel has agreed in principle on the possibility of sending German troops as part of an EU force to Libya to provide humanitarian aid and protection. Our assorted commentators are enjoying this flip-floppery. See Jean Quatremer: In short, if … Continue reading

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Trichet’s troubling interest rate hike

So Jean-Claude Trichet, head of the European Central Bank, has decided to raise the Eurozone’s main interest rate for lending from 1% to 1.25%. The last increase was back in July 2008. Hikes to 1.75% are expected by the end … Continue reading

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Sarkozy’s bare-chested war counsel

Nothing inspires less confidence in the bases of France’s war against Libya than this photo of Bernard-Henri Lévy about to meet President Nicolas Sarkozy. It is in this state that France’s most media-savvy “philosopher” discussed the high politics of war … Continue reading

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EU’s new wish-fulfilment video: Commission’s endless paperwork creates scifi Utopia

We all remember the adventures of Euro-Clooney and other assorted metrosexual Europeans in the “Innovation Union”. The good people at DG Communication have decided to top that with this video which I am almost at a loss to qualify. I … Continue reading

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