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More Anglo-Saxon conspiracy

Eurocrats want you to know the crisis has nothing to do with the flaws inherent in the eurozone system. No, prominent (and normally pro-U.S.) German MEP Elmar Brok  calls it akin to a “currency war” in pursuit of “Anglo-American interests”. Former … Continue reading

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Eurozone, the Unraveling (II): EU/euro support collapses across entire continent

One of the great underreported stories of the eurozone crisis has been the incredible damage it has done to the reputation of Europe, the EU and indeed the European ideal itself. This has occurred independent of the country in question’s … Continue reading

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Eurozone, the Unraveling (I): A recession for Christmas

We’ve reached a new stage in EU history: the most significant exercise in federalism – the euro – has in its current form caused a double-dip recession. This is a tragedy and a perfectly avoidable one at that. This slow-motion … Continue reading

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Eurocalypse 101: Three articles for understanding where we’re at

The eurozone crisis appears to be heading towards some kind of climax. Haven’t we heard this before? Like ahead of every eurosummit of past two years? While a truly “decisive” solution appears impossible almost by definition given the nature of … Continue reading

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Newspeak, the €142 billion budget and the EU’s “communication problem”

The European Union has a “communication problem”. This is allegedly caused by things like the fractured nature of European public opinion, the dull work of Brussels or maliciously sensationalist journalism. No doubt these are often the problem, but I would add … Continue reading

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ECB (finally) gets bashed in Spanish elections

The EU typically plays a minor role in Spanish electoral campaigns. However, El País reports that “the crisis has also upset this, and for the first time since the 80s, the Spanish campaign has begun with a clash between the … Continue reading

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Right-wing U.S. Pundit Distorts My News Article to Fit Own Ideology

OK, that isn’t exactly newsworthy is it? However, in this case, it is some of my news which is concerned so I think it worth a response. Meet Daniel Mitchell, whom Wikipedia describes as a libertarian economist (…), senior fellow … Continue reading

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In Defense of Decadent Europe: Is it “the best place on Earth to be born”?

“The European Union is great. It is the best place on Earth to be born and to live your life.” – Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk, 1 July 2011 For those of us involved in European affairs, it has … Continue reading

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Daniel Hannan hails Europe’s non-existent swing to the right

Tory MEP and prominent EU blogger Daniel Hannan sends his congratulations to Portugal on electing a centre-right government saying “Where the people of Greece appear to be in denial, rioting whenever spending cuts are suggested, our oldest allies accept that they cannot … Continue reading

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About me page…

…it has been added. I hope some editors see it. And maybe some bloggers who want to collaborate too. Please give advice on anything I might have missed or if it could be improved!

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