Will the prophet Putin be proven right?

Vladimir Putin, peering into the future.

Last November, when the euro-shit really started to hit the fan, Vladimir Putin – with his habitual freedom of expression – predicted the European Central Bank would need to intervene to the tune of €1.5 trillion.

Mario Draghi, who became ECB president that month, went on to prove the Russian premier two-thirds right by injecting a mind-exploding €1 trillion in low-interest three-year loans to eurozone banks. Things have calmed down since the wily Italian bowed to the inevitable and did this little bit of steal QE.

Still, as Charlemagne points out, there is still plenty that can go wrong, which might prompt the ECB to prove Putin 100% right.

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3 Responses to Will the prophet Putin be proven right?

  1. Denise says:

    Dear Craig,

    It doesn’t matter whether he’s right or wrong – he only has to take his shirt off and we’ll believe anything he says! (only joking)

  2. marknesop says:

    Although Putin’s naked torso has no effect on me, I have noticed he seems to know a little bit about international finance, and “there’s still plenty that could go wrong” has something of the air of prophesy about it itself.

  3. This says:

    There is talk of friendly games, but there cannot be anything friendly by the Albanians when they and the Americans and Germans are deliberately slandering the innocent Serbian People in order to continue the genocide of all Non Albanians.

    Increasing numbers of People realize that the friendliness of Albanians consists of land theft, murder, lies, crime, slander, racism, genocide, blaming their victims, and Only a few Albanians are Ignorant of these Facts.

    The Decent Countries of the World must leave FIFA of Fiendish Individuals’ Football Association, and join HIFA or Honest International Football Association.

    This must be the subject of a United Nations General Assembly Motion, and the numbers of Countries joining HIFA will increase with time, and Europeans will learn about Albanians, and Economic Genocide for Albanians may be the consequence of this, because Actions have Consequences.

    I think that HIFA should be started, even if FIFA is doing everything properly according to their Constitution and Charter.

    The reason for creating HIFA should Only be to highlight Proper and Reasonable Opposition to a Greater Albania.

    The Evil Scheme for Greater Albania became Publically known with 1878 League of Prizren Public Declaration by the Albanians.

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    There should Only be one proper cause for HIFA, because it is important for the World to focus on the Balkans.

    One aspect is the Illegal and Immoral War in Kosovo, that began on Lies in 1999, and that is continuing to this day.

    Even if a dozen Countries begin HIFA, then the numbers will increase, because dissatisfaction with Euro-America can only increase, and this will help accelerate the decline of the West.

    A Kingdom divided cannot stand, and FIFA and HIFA will be that division, always be a constant reminder to almost Every Citizen on this Planet, on hoe unacceptable a Greater Albania is.

    American Citizens should send a copy of this to their Congressperson who represents them, and tell that Americans do not want to waste Money on Evil Causes.

    America is soon to implode because of the Global Financial Crisis, and savings where possible in the War budget must be made, and unless the Democrats announce that America is leaving Kosovo with accompanying evidence, then we will not Vote for any Democrat at the next Election.

    There are Serbian People who think that if Kosovo ever became Independent, or if there was ever a Greater Albania, then there could be a very smaller Russian Country in Southern Serbia under certain circumstances.

    That area of Southern Serbia should be sold to Russia for a fair price, and it would be approximately 100 square kilometres, and it could be in the corner of Bulgaria and FYROM.

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    We know that one day United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 will need to be replaced or improved to secure Negotiated Autonomy for the Albanians, and all the clauses for the small Russian Country to be part of that new Resolution, or the Albanians can stay in limbo.

    We know that if America says that United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 does not exist, then America is an occupier, and should leave the Balkans, and just leave things to Serbia’s Constitutional Arrangements, and then there does not have to be that small Russian Country in the Balkans.

    In the meanwhile, the United Nations Six Point Plan for Kosovo should be Fully Implemented, because it is the Law.

    I think that HIFA should have its own Website, stating that it was created to bring Peace to the Balkans, and it is the Greater Albania Movement that is preventing this.

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    The goal of HIFA is to provide Public Information that leads to the Rehabilitation the Majority Albanians who support the Greater Albania Project, in order to incorporate Albanians as Allies of the Balkans, and Allies of the Human Race.

    There should be a Charter or Constitution for HIFA and it should be an improvement of the FIFA Charter or Constitution, and HIFA should be to refer to the Honourable International Football Association.

    We know that the Albanians have committed injustices on all of the Neighbours, and they might all want to switch from FIFA to HIFA.

    It could be that Germany is concerned that some European Countries will join HIFA unless Germany helps them with their Debts.

    It will be against the HIFA Constitution to join for Commercial Reasons, and that would be obvious after known the Facts.

    Countries would join HIFA Only for Reasons having to do with Truth and Justice, and America and Germany will put Great Pressure on HIFA Countries not to do the Right Thing.

    The HIFA Website will also have information like FIFA, and the concerned Nations are using Football to help resolve an issue to make Albanians the Allies of the Human Race, and Albania will be encouraged to join HIFA, but only after they have given up on the Evil Greater Albania Project.

    After the Albanians join HIFA, then the World can all join HIFA, as it will be a superior Organization, and it will only deal with Football, and no longer with the Greater Albania Project, because the Albanians will have become Allies of the Human Race.

    We know that Kosovo is approximately 11,000 square kilometres, and to sell Russia 10 % of what they helped save, would give over 1,000 square kilometres of land.

    That could make several corner bits with 130 square kilometres as new Russian Countries just in Serbia.

    Those corners are Croatia and Republic of Srpska, Croatia and Hungary, Hungary and Romania, Romania and Bulgaria, Bulgaria and FYROM, FYROM and Albania, Albania and Montenegro, and Montenegro and Republic of Srpska, and then there are other Balkan Countries.

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