Ashley Fox on Strasbourg: Nothing damaged except “French pride”

EUobserver did this interview with Tory MEP Ashley Fox, architect of a recent overwhelming vote by MEPs – including majorities within all political groups – to reduce Strasbourg sessions. Sums up the issue well, although Fox might have also noted the massive economic loss there would be to Strasbourg if the travelling circus stopped its monthly pilgrimage to the city on the Rhine. I’ve written on the whole issue’s Kafkaesque nonsense here.

major study of Strasbourg’s economic, environmental but also human toll has an opening quote of the first (French) president of democratically elected Parliament, Simone Veil, saying the Strasbourg site should be reconverted into a “European university”

EUobserver reports anti-Strasbourg MEPs have gotten more creative in other possible uses: having European Council summits there, moving the Committee of the Regions there, or – more grandly – turning Strasbourg into a “city of justice”. The latter would involve setting up the European Court of Justice and Europol. The Council of Europe‘s (not an EU body, also includes Russia and other post-Soviet countries) European Court of Human Rights is already there.

I’m convinced there’s nothing a good, creative face-saving and horse-trading solution can’t resolve.

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