One Month of Blogging

So we’ve reached one month of Letters from Europe. So what have I learned? First, I have found that “Europe” is pretty complex. It’s politics is scattered across different nations, institutions and levels of government making it extremely difficult to grasp in its wholeness. As a result, I am sharing a map which expresses simpler truths. Slayers of virgins indeed. More can be found over at Mapping Stereotypes.

Second, I am very pleased that the blog has found a reasonable readership. The site has received over 1,300 page views or an average about 45 per day. Not such a bad start! Readership size correlates closely with the post frequency and picking on Jean Quatremer. Evidently self-publicizing on the internets involves being prolific and disagreeable. Much the same as in traditional media and politics!

I have also rediscovered something I already knew: that writing, and the preliminary reading and research for a decent post, takes a long time. As a result I have decided to maximize bang-for-buck by publishing as many of the lengthier posts as possible in various newspapers and magazines. I have added a published work page which lists and links to all the text that has appeared in official publications, both modest and great. Naturally, this means I am also for hire and any editors should not hesitate to contact me at craigjwilly(at)

Thanks for reading and commenting!

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1 Response to One Month of Blogging

  1. marknesop says:

    Congratulations, CJDub, on a most respectable start! You’re absolutely right that if you don’t wish to have your ass handed you by superior researchers, your options are (a) do the legwork necessary to head them off by documenting your sources, or (b) never express an opinion. I’m sure we’re agreed option (b) is out of the question.

    So far, you’re doing very well; your material is fresh and interesting, and your analyses are well-defended. You have an enjoyable and very readable writing style with just the right touch of mockery, and I look forward to more of it!

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