The Rise of the Old Fogeys

It is often rightly noted that low birth rates and growth of the retired population in Europe will put significant strains on European economies and welfare states. What is sometimes less stressed is the global aspect of these trends. In this, Europe, the post-Soviet sphere and East Asia (above all Japan) are in the lead, but similar things are taking place in all but the poorest countries. See Foreign Policy‘s poignant collection of photos on the subject from around the world.

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2 Responses to The Rise of the Old Fogeys

  1. Wyt says:

    I’m about to read “Shock of Gray” by Fishman, a book about this subject. Aging demographics, along with climate change, are among the few things we can (fairly reliably) predict about the long-term future.

  2. The Grayvasion is more predictable than climate change.

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