So When Will the Turks Destroy Germany?

Find out in my first article on long-term trends over at Future Challenges.

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2 Responses to So When Will the Turks Destroy Germany?

  1. marknesop says:

    Very interesting, and well written. I didn’t realize fertility rates were dropping worldwide; while not a believer as such in a Divine Being watching over us, it would certainly dovetail well with such a mandate to prevent us from breeding ourselves out of house and home. Population stability should be a goal rather than cause for despair. You’ve provided a solid, well-supported counterargument to some of the extreme silliness out there, and it will be difficult for silliness to assail it.

  2. Completely agreed – I cited similar reasons in this post on demographic myths.

    Actually, I think it far likelier that many European countries will revert to some kind of fascism well before it comes anywhere close to becoming Islamic. (Just in the past few months France has deported people based on ethnicity, the German Chancellor has attacked multiculturalism, and the Hungarian governing coalition acquired a more or less open admirer of Nazism).

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